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ABS mini fridge

ABS mini fridge. Additional Info: ABS mini fridge with space for six cans. Voltage: DC 12V AC 100-240V. Cooling capacity: -20 to -25 Celsius below ambient temperature (lowest temperature is around -2 Celcius). Heating capacity: 50 Celsius. Product Materials: ABS. Colours: white.

Smiley Radio - Red or Blue

Smiley face FM scan radio with earphones. Red or Blue. Supplied in black box Product Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm Print Size: 25mm x 25mm

Touchscreen Radio

Stylish touch screen radio with desk stand. Features include: calculator, world time clock, currency converter, alarm, timer, and snooze button. Stylus attached. Supplied in presentation pouch. Gift box included. Product Dimensions: 78mm wide x 122mm high Print Size: 60mm wide x 10mm high

Music Mouse Radio

FM Scan radio in shape of mouse with blue trim. Supplied in box.

Walk-about AM/FM Radio - Red or Blue

Handy walkabout AM/Fm radio with belt clip and headphones. Available in Red or Blue. Supplied with gift box and batteries. Product Dimensions: 62mm wide x 80mm high Print Size: 35mm wide x 25mm high

Surfers FM Scan Radio

FM Scan radio with earphones. Silver Colour. Supplied in box

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