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Spotless Screen Cleaning Kit

Pump action screen cleaning kit with 30ml of screen cleaning fluid and a convenient microfibre cloth which is stored inside the snap on cap so it is always ready for use. It has a label on the base with ingredient information. Colours: Translucent Black. Dimensions: L 103mm x W 32mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-50mm x 15mm. Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 41cm x 34cm x 26cm x Carton Quantity: 200 pieces Carton Weight: 14.00kgCategories: Screen Cleaners.

Vanity Card Mirror

Pocket-size polished stainless steel mirror which has its own PU carry sleeve. The mirror surface has a protective white film on it which must be removed before use. It laser engraves to a stainless steel finish. Colours: Sleeve: White, Black. Dimensions: Sleeve: L 91mm x W 63mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-Sleeve - 55mm x 40mm. Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 24cm x Carton Quantity: 400 pieces Carton Weight: 11.00kgCategories: Amenities.

Lint Stick

Features: Prepping for a big presentation but got your short or dress covered with dirt? This pen-shaped Lint Stick comes in a handy size that makes it easy to carry around. It is available in five different colors.

Foldable Lint Roller In Plastic Case

Features: Convenient to carry and store foldable lint roller in a plastic case. Includes 15 sheets of sticky paper.

Oval Shape Pill Holder

Features: Oval shape pill holder with 3 separate compartments inside and one large snap lid.

Rectangular Shape Pill Holder

Features: Being dependent on medication is a task that should not be taken lightly. This Rectangular-shaped Pill Holder is a great organizer as it comes with four separate compartments and one large snap lid.

Round Pill Holder

Features: Round rotating top pill holder with large and small snap lids and 4 separate compartments inside.

Sewing Kit

Features: Sewing kits – you’ll never know about its importance until you’re left with a hole in your pants. This sewing kit is well organized in a clear case and contains 10 different shades of thread and needles.

Budget Pre-Threaded Fold Up Sewing Kit

Features: Handy emergency fold up sewing kit with 3 pre-threaded needles (white, black and navy), 4 buttons (2 black and 2 neutral) and 2 safety pins.

Deluxe Sewing Kit

Features: No way can anyone be giving a sewing kit as a promotional product, you might say. But, this Deluxe Sewing Kit is the perfect giveaway especially at times when you really, really need it most. This kit comes in a compact case with a zipper and has scissors, two safety pins, needle threader, 10 colors of thread, cloth measuring tape, four buttons, and four needles.

Vinyl Manicure Set

Features: This Vinyl Manicure Set is contained in clear colorful cases and has scissors, nail clipper, nail file and tweezers.

Manicure Set In Gift Tube

Features: This stainless steel Manicure Set in a Gift Tube comes with manicure scissors, nail clipper, cuticle trimmer, nail filer, cuticle pusher and a cuticle shaper.

4-In-1 Mini Nail File

Features: The 4-in-1 Mini Nail File comes in travel size and is available in purple, pink, green and white.

Nail Clipper In Case

Features: This Nail Clipper helps in keeping those fingernails at a nice length to keep away dirt that tends to tuck in.

Manicure Set on Key Chain

Features: This Manicure Set on a Key Chain comes to the rescue when there’s an immediate need to cut nails. It comes with a nail clipper, cuticle pusher, scissors and tweezers. The case comes in five different colours.

Easy Grip Nail Clipper

Features: Easy grip Nail Clipper available in black, blue and white color. Great for hospitals, nursing homes and more.

Lip Balm And Sunstick

Features: It’s a proven fact that human beings are capable of multi-tasking, but products are recently showing that they can do it, too. This promotional product is part lip balm and part sunscreen. It contains an SPF 30 sunscreen and an SPF 15 lip balm, that makes it easier for protecting your skin and lips while on the go.

Lip Balm

Features: Chappy lips had never and will never be a thing. Lip balms are one of the greatest invention in personal care as there is no longer a need to keep licking your lips wet just for it not to crack. This Lip Balm comes with SPF 15 and is available in six flavors: Peppermint, Natural, Cherry, Spearmint, Tropical or Vanilla.

Lip Gloss Ball

Features: Keep things glossy! That should be the banner for this Lip Gloss Ball. It makes applying lip gloss an easy task as it comes in a ball shape and in a great vanilla flavor.

Lip Moisturizer Ball

Features: Moisturizing does not need to be too much of a burden. This Lip Moisturizer Ball makes chappy lips a memory of the past. It comes in vanilla flavor to make moisturizing even more fun.

Star Shaped Massager

Features: Muscle aches are no match for this promotional product! This lightweight massager comes in a star shape, which makes it easier to smoothly glide around the affected part of the body.

Tablet Box/Band-Aid Dispenser

Features: Medicine boxes should be complete with everything. This box is a pill box and bandage dispenser in one. It comes with eight bandages and three compartments. The bottom side of the box slides for easy access to bandages. Included bandages are latex free.

Bandages In Plastic Case

Features: Bandages should always be present either at home or at the office. Given that one can never estimate when they are going to get hurt, items such as this Bandages in Plastic Case is the perfect emergency solution. This promotional product comes with five latex-free bandages.


Features: First aid pouch in convenient travel size with 5 latex free bandages and 4 alcohol pads.

Hot/Cold Pack

Features: The colorful, therapeutic ,non-toxic, reusable freezable and microwave safe small round gel beads can be applied hot or cold to muscle sores

Square Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack

Features: The square colorful, therapeutic ,non-toxic, reusable freezable and microwave safe small round gel beads can be applied hot or cold to muscle sores

Small Round Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack

Features: While work gives us life, rest fuels life. This small, round gel beads are made as a hot/cold pack to relieve muscle sores. It is colorful, therapeutic, non-toxic and reusable. It is freezing and microwave safe.


Features: Convenient Travel Size


Features: Shape And Smooth Nail EdgesWhite/Clear Protective Sleeve


Features: Available In 9 Brilliant ColorsNail File And BufferSpecial Contoured Shape Enables Easy Reach Of All Toes And NailsUnique Design For Incredible Comfort And ControlLarge Imprint AreaClear Protective Sleeve